Save Clean Elections

In 1998, Arizona voters approved the Arizona Clean Elections Act. This voter approved law is a program where candidates, who choose not to accept any special interest, union and corporate money, can collect $5 contributions from average citizens in their district, and then qualify to run with a public grant. The Clean Elections law bans the candidate from accepting any special interest, union and corporate money.

There are two bills going through the state legislature right now that if passed will eliminate Clean Elections in Arizona. These bills are being run by legislators who have never run Clean and who are constant recipients of big corporate money. They have accepted contributions from every big-money special interest in the state.

Considering the influence of banks, mortgage lenders and other special interests dominating both Arizona and Washington, D.C. politics, we believe the Clean Elections program is the only law that will allow the public to hold politicians accountable.

Take action today.

In the News

Big-money interests hope to neuter Clean Elections Act

Facing defeat, measures to gut Clean Elections system held in committee

What Others Are Saying

Anyone can afford to run with Clean Elections. Good people now represent us. We the people have spoken and now we have elected people who do represent us. Thank you. Please keep this bill in place.

--Irene Chavez

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Clean Elections: Changing the Face of America